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Description: Did you take a bunch of photos last month and now you have to share them with your design team? Are you like me, often forgetting where and why you took the photos? Photogeo can help by combining Google maps with geocoded photos you saved on Autodesk 360. Use Photogeo to import camera locations to a drawing automatically, insert the photo to better convey design intent, or provide detail to existing conditions drawings. Photogeo remains connected to the digital asset with xdata and hyperlinks - unload the plugin palette and you can still control click to navigate to the photo.

PhotogeoDWG is available today from the Autodesk Exchange App Store

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Description: Get the award winning app Photogeo for MicroStation. Available soon, right here at, photogeoDGN.

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Review Files

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Description: Have you ever wanted to know what files are being found in your support paths? Do you have multiple files with the same name defined in different paths? Which file is AutoCAD using? Review files will help your answer these questions! The Review Files plug-in will help you discover potential file conflicts, show you which files are loaded, and help you quickly locate these files so you can debug your CAD system.

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